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Happy to be home!

In the People’s Republic of Boulder… tho i had a wonderful time visiting friends in Tallahassee and Orlando and meeting new folks at the Investigative Reporters & Editors conference.

There are several things i want to try out after attending IRE. i’ve already downloaded and started using TimeFlow, a great timeline tool (Sarah Cohen has more info here) tho not for publication. At some point, i’d like to try out ProPublica’s TimeLineSetter, tho i’ll probably use Dipity first, because it’ll be easier for me.

Also excited about Google Fusion, which i hope to do a few little mapping things on soon. Matt Stiles and Kathryn Hurley did a great session on that, with some of the info at this site. And the session on audio by Daniel Zwerdling and Joe Shapiro from NPR was super-useful, really great (i’d heard all the stories they played).

Really missed getting to see and learn from Michelle Minkoff, tho. You’d have helped with the gender balance, tho it needs a lot more help. Thinking of you and wishing you well.